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Farzaneh Abravani began her career as an immigration consultant in 1995 at a Canadian Law Firm in Dubai, UAE. She immigrated to Canada in 1997, completed her academic studies in the legal field, and obtained a legal assistant diploma from the Shaw College in 1997, to endorse her knowledge of immigration laws. Furthermore, she received a second diploma from Seneca College as an immigration practitioner in 1999.

In 1998, Mrs. Abravani established her sole properties company in Canada and Iran. She is an accredited member of CAPIC and Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants and is committed to its ethical guidelines.

In year 2000, Farzaneh Abravani Immigration & Paralegal Services Inc. was established. In 2009, she changed her company’s name to Abravani Professional Immigration Services Inc.. Farzaneh Abravani Immigration Services was established to assist individuals to achieve their goal in creating a new future for themselves and their families in Canada. Our non-stop endeavor towards providing best service to our costumers was essential for us to build up a reputable and trustworthy name in this business. It is an honor for us to announce more than 10,000  active applications being processed by our organization.

An Overview Our Services

Our company has always hired well-experienced and educated consultants to serve customers with accurate and updated information on:

 Immigration Programs

Our organization offers information on diversity of immigration programs whichever may suit your qualifications and abilities. We provide you with immigration rules and regulations of the country of your interest. Once you are qualified to apply, we will accompany you through all steps till you settle down in the country of your dreams.
There are many programs under which you might be interested and eligible to apply, by consulting our office we help you improve your knowledge and understanding towards different categories offered for immigration to a country.

Following is a list of countries we offer immigration and student visa services:

  • USA
  • Granada

Our organization has been active in educational services for international students since 2002. We have been representative of Seneca College in Toronto for recruiting international student in diversity of programs they offer.
We can provide you information on different programs of universities and colleges worldwide. Once you select your desired field of study we follow up the proper way for you to get into it.

 Student Visa

During previous years of practicing in this business we have been well educated and trained to help you satisfy embassies’ requirements for issuing your visa. Our office informs you how to prepare your documents for student visa application of the country you are applying for.

Following is a list of countries we offer educational services:

  • UK
  • USA
  • UAE

We will make every effort to address all of our client’s questions knowledgeably and efficiently

Why Choose Us

Access to a closed network of Immigration Specialists that have an overwhelming combined experience in Global Immigration Law and deal SOLELY with UK, Canada, U.S. and Schengen, Visa cases.
A dedicated team that will serve as the ONLY point of contact for your case meaning you’re not passed from person-to-person.
Guidance and assistance throughout your whole case.
A fixed fee, agreed BEFORE work commences, no hidden charges and no hourly rates. The price you’re quoted is the price you pay.
An Immigration Expert will ensure that your paperwork is accurate and in order, as this will provide a solid backbone to your case. A well-presented set of documents will strengthen and validate your Visa application even further.
Legal representations could prove to be the decisive factor in acquiring your Visa and our Firm will apply their expertise to your matter to ensure that your case is well presented before the Authorities. The importance of well-presented documents and supporting Legal Representations is crucial as the decision of the immigration officer is based purely on the case file put before them. In most instances they don’t get to meet you in person, so every piece of information supplied by our Immigration Expert on your behalf, needs to be factual and relevant to your case. They are then able to add strength and validity to your case by applying their knowledge of Immigration Law.
The service doesn’t end here. Once your Visa application has been submitted, your Immigration Expert will closely monitor its progress. Until a decision has been reached, your case will be closely monitored and you will be notified of the outcome immediately. Our service guarantees that you will be kept up-to-date with your Visa application.

Our Expertise

  • Immigration by Investment
  • Citizenship by Investment
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Student Visa
  • Skilled Workers Immigration

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