USA & The Different Types of US Visa

Migrating to USA seems difficult for many Non US citizens. Choosing an ideal a USA visa for you is sometimes a complicated process. Abravani Professional Immigration Services offers the best services to its customers by providing an assessment for free for what kind of USA visa you are qualified for.

America is more than two times larger than the European Union. It has 50 States with 16 territories and a federal district known as Washington DC formerly called as District of Columbia. Its population is more than 300 million including illegal immigrants. US is 3rd to have the largest population in the world however, it is considered as a highly industrialized nation. Last year about ten million immigrants have been recorded to live and work in the country. USA have special connection with many countries around the world such as Canada, Australia, NATO members, UK, Mexico and New Zealand.

Based on the National Census Bureau of US for the year 2007, the average household income is $50,233. There are about 759 cars per 1,000 residents. The State and the Local Government of USA is responsible for the education of the citizens. Children in USA are required to enroll school at the age of six and should finish at the age of sixteen to eighteen. The average life expectancy of Americans is 77.8 years old.

USA Citizenship and Immigration Services

USA Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS is the branch of the Department of Homeland and Security that is responsible for USA immigration. They offer the following services: citizenship, green card, and other visas. USCIS helps in the national security of the country by handling all applications for immigrant visa as well as other task such as giving permanent citizenship for aspiring immigrants.

To be legally permitted to become a permanent resident of US, one must have a permanent resident card. A permanent resident card can be acquired by living in US for 5 continuous years and no travel outside US of more than 10 days. In cases wherein you marry a USA citizen, you are eligible to have a permanent resident card for 3 years of stay in US. The conditions will be shortened once you marry a USA citizen. A USA citizen card can be acquired 3-5 years of your stay in the country depending on your status.

USA Visa

A non USA citizen can travel to USA by having a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay and an immigrant visa for permanent residency. The kind of visa that you need to apply will depend on the purpose of your visit or travel.

Non-immigrant visa is for non USA citizens who want to travel to the USA. If you are an international traveler with the purpose of business, health (medical treatment), tourism or any other types for temporary reasons.
Immigrant visa is for non US citizens who want to live in US permanently. To be able to apply for an immigrant visa, you must have a US citizen relative that will act as your sponsor or a US permanent resident or employer.

B-1 US Business Visitor Visa

Business Visitors

A foreign citizen of US can apply for B-1 US Visitor Visa. This kind of Visa is for Businessman who wants to enter US in a temporary status for any kind of business activities based in US. The holder of this Visa is not permitted to take employment in the country. Read More…

USA Fiance Visa

K1 Fiance Visa

Applying for a USA K1 visa for fiancé immigration to America allows an American citizen to bring a foreign fiancée to the United States for the specific purpose of getting married. Read more…

USA Souse Visa

Spouse Visa

A US K-3 Spouse Visa can be given to the spouse of a US citizen to bring their spouse to live and work in the United States. This kind of visa will lessen the physical separation time of a non US citizen and a US citizen legally married. Read more…

USA Visit Visa

Visit Visa

US Visit Visa also called visitor for pleasure visa includes people going to the country with the following reasons: short study courses, medical reasons, visiting a family member or relatives, and tourists. The US Visit Visa under B-2 the duration is 1-10 years. Read more…

USA EB5 Immigrant Investor Program


Established by the USA government in 1990, the EB-5 visa stands for Employment Based Visa, Preference 5 and is found in Section 203 (b) (5) of the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA). It allows immigrants to engage in a commercial enterprise that will benefit the U.S. economy. Read more…